Cement Tile Flooring

Cement Tile Flooring by Factor Surfaces

There is some confusion among many people as to cement tile flooring. Cement tiles come in two major forms: cement and encaustic. Cement tiles are manufactured from concrete. Pigments can be added to the mix to give the cement tile flooring a particular look. Encaustic tile, sometimes referred to as encaustic cement tile or incorrectly as “cement tile”, is made of two or more colors of clay. The clay colors are inlaid and then fired under high heat, creating beautiful patterns. Both types of tile are unglazed, but both offer incredible durability and unmatched style to home or office spaces.

Factor Surfaces specializes in cement tile flooring, including both of these major types of tiles. Each type has its own unique benefits and applications, including:

  • Pattern and color – encaustic tiles are manufactured with patterns due to the different layers of clay. Cement tiles, on the other hand, are dyed during manufacture. Each gives a stunning array of choices to the property owner, helping him or her match existing color palettes or adding dramatic accents to interiors.
  • Durability – encaustic tile is suitable for areas where frost isn’t a concern, even outdoors. Cement tile is better for interior spaces or tropical outdoor locations where hard freezes don’t occur. Both forms of cement tile flooring can be used where moisture is present and can look great for many years to come.
  • Easy care – cement tile flooring requires minimal maintenance to look its best. Periodic sweeping or dusting keeps abrasive particles from damaging the surfaces. The surfaces may be sealed on regular intervals to maintain the tiles’ great look.
  • Patina – over time, the surface of the tile takes on a patina from use and care. This subtle transformation adds even more visual interest.

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