Marble Tile Flooring

Marble Tile Flooring

The natural stone material known as marble has been a popular choice for interior flooring since Roman times. Marble begins as limestone, and over thousands of years of pressure and heat, transforms into the durable stone finish that is known for its elegance and sophistication. The color patterns in marble tile flooring are a sight to behold; striations and swirls add visual appeal to any home or office interior. Marble quarries can be found around the world, and each country’s marble is unique. For example, the classic Carrara marble from the Tuscany region of Italy offers bright white stone, sometimes with hints of blue or black swirling. Connemara marble from Ireland is green with fine white striations. Etowah marble from the U.S. state of Georgia comes in shades of pink or rose. Marble is also quarried in Spain, Sweden, Russia, and Germany. The surface of marble can be highly polished or left with a brushed matte finish.

There are many benefits to choosing marble tile flooring as a stone flooring flooring finish, including:

  • Style – nothing says elegance like fine marble tile flooring. It is an ideal finish for dramatic entryways, stylish bathroom accents, and glamorous kitchen applications.
  • Variety – with hundreds of colors and shades available, natural marble tiles can be used to accent existing home décor or to add unique style.
  • Durability – marble is a great choice for high-traffic areas, rooms where moisture can be present, and anywhere lasting beauty is desired.
  • Ease of upkeep – marble requires periodic polishing and sealing to maintain its natural beauty, but these processes are simple and inexpensive. Regular sweeping helps the surfaces last for many years of enjoyment in the home or office.

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