Granite Stone Flooring

Granite Stone Flooring

While commonly found in kitchen counters and backsplashes, granite lends itself to flooring as well. Granite is a natural stone that is formed from volcanic activity. Inclusions of other minerals like quartz, feldspar, and biotite give granite its distinctive appearance. It has been used in construction for thousands of years; the tough, durable stone weathers the test of time. Granite is commonly quarried in China, Brazil, Italy, Canada, Spain, and Germany, but the stone can be found anywhere around the world. Predominant colors include white, gray, and pink, but the mineral inclusions can add rusty highlights, black flecks, and multicolored striations. The stone can be polished to a high gloss or left with a matte finish for traction in wet areas.

Benefits of using granite stone flooring include:

  • Durability – this hard stone is ideal for high-traffic areas, which is why it has been favored for so many years in building construction.
  • Water resistance – granite can be used anywhere in the home or office and is particularly useful in areas where moisture can occur, such as kitchens or bathrooms. Spills wipe up with no staining or damage.
  • Low maintenance – once the granite stone flooring is laid, minimal upkeep is needed to preserve its dramatic beauty for many years to come. Factor Surfaces can instruct you on the basic care of your new stone flooring surfaces.
  • Color choice – with hundreds of granite styles to choose from, it is easy to match existing décor or include something truly dramatic. The choices are nearly endless!

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