Onyx Tile Flooring

Onyx Tile Flooring by Factor Surfaces

Less common than many other flooring choices, onyx tile flooring can add an incredibly dramatic look to home or office interiors. It is an elegant stone formed from quartz and moganite crystals, resulting in parallel bands of color. Onyx has been used in building interiors since ancient Egyptian and Greek times. It is considered a gemstone, and while engineered onyx materials or other naturally-occurring stones are called “onyx”, nothing beats the real thing. The stone is most commonly found with a rich black tone, but reds and yellows can also be found. Varieties in creamy white colors are especially popular as flooring in bathrooms and kitchen areas. Onyx can be found in quarries around the world, particularly in the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and the United States.

Benefits of using onyx tile flooring include:

  • Lustrous beauty – onyx flooring is unmatched for its rich elegance and timeless style. It tends to be more expensive than other natural stone flooring choices, but the beauty it adds is worth the extra costs.
  • Translucence – natural onyx is translucent, allowing it to be backlit for a dramatic appearance other stones can’t match.
  • Color choice – with so many patterns and colors available, it is easy to find an onyx tile flooring product to match your unique taste and style. Add elegance to any home or office interior with the help of Factor Surfaces.
  • Ease of care – periodic sweeping and polishing are all that is needed to keep onyx tile flooring looking great for many years to come.

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