Terra Cotta Tile Flooring

Terra Cotta Tile Flooring by Factor Surfaces

Terra cotta tile flooring is one of the oldest flooring materials to be found. In ancient times, clay was baked in the sun until it became hard. Today, terra cotta tile is fired in an oven, giving it lasting durability. It is a classic material, lending warmth and beauty to any interior. This tile can be left unglazed, developing a patina of wear and discoloration over time. Alternatively, it can be covered in a clear glaze or tinted glazes with patterns fired right in. Its rustic appearance is ideal for kitchens, pool surrounds, patios, and entryways.

Sometimes called Saltillo tile, terra cotta tile flooring is manufactured in places like Spain, Mexico, and Italy. The clay used to make the tiles has a high iron content, giving the tiles a warm orange or pink hue. Because it is handmade, each tile is unique. Small cracks and even fingerprints decorate the tiles, which may vary in thickness, size, and weight.

There are several benefits to using terra cotta tile flooring in the home or office, including:

  • Cool style – terra cotta tiles stay cool to the touch. Their surfaces are smooth, which feels great on the feet.
  • Range of colors and patterns – while most terra cotta tile is a reddish or orangish color, the glazing can add even more visual interest. Glazed patterns are also possible, giving the flooring a decorative painted look.
  • Durability – with regular sealing, terra cotta tile flooring is ready to look great and perform beautifully for many years to come, even in high traffic areas.

For Terra Cotta Tile Flooring, Call the Pros

Factor Surfaces has been installing terra cotta tile flooring for many years. We have worked with property owners in and around the San Fernando Valley region of California. Transform the look of your home with this wonderful tile material. Add rustic beauty and timeless style with our help. Ready to get started on the terra cotta tile flooring of your dreams? Give Factor Surfaces a call at (818) 348-0401.