Porcelain Tile Flooring

Porcelain Tile Flooring by Factor Surfaces

Porcelain tile flooring is characterized by its incredible durability and dizzying array of sizes, colors, and patterns. Porcelain is made from refined clay, heated to high temperatures until it becomes a dense material, almost like glass. There is no limit to the styles available in this alternative to natural stone or ceramic tiles. No matter what your style, there is a porcelain tile to match it. These tiles can be used indoors or out. Natural resistance to moisture means it can even be applied in areas like pool surrounds, spas, and bathrooms.

Porcelain is manufactured in many areas of the world, including France, the Netherlands, the United States, and in Russia. The tiles can be found in literally thousands of colors and patterns. The tiles can be glazed to a smooth surface or given a matte finish for additional traction in slippery areas. There are several benefits to using porcelain tile flooring in home or office interiors, including:

  • Huge range of color choices – porcelain tile flooring can be made to look like wood, natural stone, or even terra cotta. Metallic finishes are popular in upscale modern interiors. And, many porcelain tiles are painted with glaze and fired, leading to stunning designs.
  • Incredible durability – porcelain tile is tough enough for high traffic areas and places like bathrooms and kitchens where moisture can be a concern. This tile material lasts for many years of brilliant performance.
  • Affordable alternative to natural stone – because porcelain tile is so versatile in its range of colors and textures, it can stand in for more expensive natural stone tiles. All the beauty at a fraction of the price!

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